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Obligations from trade agreements are a dynamic and challenging area in which it is necessary to be simultaneously precise, studious, and creative. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the contractual provisions, as well as the applicable regulations and case law applicable to obligations. There are often situations with an international element when it is necessary to answer the question of whether and to what extent the law of another country or the law of the European Union applies.

We have gained our knowledge and experience in the field of commercial law primarily through the successful representation of our clients in the most diverse and complex litigation arising from commercial contracts.

In addition, we constantly strive for personal and collective progress in the extremely exciting field of commercial law.



In the field of company law, we offer services and legal advice on various issues, such as establishment and status changes, representation at general assemblies, consuming the right to information and reviewing the responsibilities of members of management bodies or shareholders for the company’s operations.



In the field of labor law, we provide legal services to protect the rights of both employers and employees. We represent both domestic and foreign legal and natural persons in various lawsuits related to the termination of employment contracts and the protection of the dignity of employees. In addition to representation before the court, with our help, a number of successful internal reorganizations of various organizational forms of employers have been carried out thus far. In connection with the reorganization, we also provide consulting services in the preparation of all necessary documentation related to work and employment, such as labor regulations, job systematization or employment contracts.



Attorney at law Nenad Mušić is a holder of a certificate in the field of public procurement, issued by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. We also offer consulting services to contracting authorities and tenderers in the public procurement procedure, which includes the preparation of procurement documents, checking the compliance of tenders with procurement documents, drafting complaints, administrative claims, and other legal instruments to protect the rights of participants in public procurement.



Bankruptcy law is a specific branch of law that defines the rights and obligations of entrepreneurs in a situation of imminent or actual insolvency or over-indebtedness as well as the rights and obligations of their creditors. With a unique combination of knowledge and experience, we are available to all interested legal entities for legal advice in bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy proceedings.



Sports law contains certain special features that distinguish it from other areas of law. Sport is in itself a dynamic area that constantly strives for greater attractiveness. Accordingly, sports law is also subject to frequent changes. This is especially true of the rules adopted by international sports associations and of sports contracts, statutes and regulations that need to be constantly harmonized with international regulations.



The goal of every contract drafted in our office is a clear, precise, and detailed regulation of mutual rights and obligations. Whether it is a simple legal transaction in the form of named contracts or more complex commercial contracts with a domestic or international element, each contract must provide our clients with predictability and security of its execution and effective insurance in case of its violation.

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