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About the law firm

Attorney at law Nenad Mušić opened an independent office in September of 2020.

Until then, he worked as an attorney at law in a renowned Zagreb law firm where he gained significant knowledge and experience working in various branches of law, especially in the field of commercial law, company law, labor law, public procurement, bankruptcy law and redemption of claims. After accumulating many years of successful experience working in a renowned Zagreb law firm, he decided to take on new business challenges and started his own law firm.

Despite its short history, our office encounters the most complex court cases and other complicated legal issues on a daily basis.

We approach the search for solutions bravely, persistently, and innovatively, always with a studious and efficient review of relevant regulations, case law and professional literature. In this way, we achieve our unique combination of youth and ambition on the one hand, and experience and knowledge on the other.

Various domestic and foreign natural and legal persons can be counted among our clients, and we communicate with them daily in several different languages.


In our business practice, we often encounter problems that require interdisciplinary solutions. In such cases, we collaborate with fellow legal professionals, as well as with experts in other fields, such as finance, computing, translation, or sports.


In addition to our work, we constantly strive for further training and education of our members, both in terms of law and in terms of foreign languages. We approach each new subject as a new opportunity for personal advancement as well as for the improvement of our service.


Our business philosophy is to find a good and efficient solution to every legal problem.

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